EPICOH Scientific Committee
on Epidemiology in Occupational Health

EPICOH Conference

Future Meetings

2023 Mumbai, India
2022 ICOH Congress, Melbourne www.ICOH2021.org
2021 Montreal, Canada https://face2face.events/epicoh2021/

EPICOH 2021 will be hosted virtually this year October 25-28. Abstracts are due May 15. We will make use of a virtual conference platform that will allow participants to experience the live sessions and view recorded on demand content at their convenience. The conference will enable networking with other participants in a variety of ways , including a networking lounge that will allow you to join friends and colleagues for face-to-face chats. The organizing committee will continue to monitor the pandemic situation, and evaluate whether some in-person features are possible for a hybrid meeting. For the most up to date information please visit the conference website.

The EPICOH 2021 Organizing Committee.

Past Meetings
1981 Helsinki (1st ISEOH* symposium)
1981 ICOH congress, Cairo
1982 Montreal (2nd ISEOH symposium)
1983 Singapore (3rd ISEOH symposium)
1984 ICOH congress, Dublin
1985 Como/Milan (4th ISEOH symposium)
1986 Los Angeles (5th ISEOH symposium)
1987 ICOH congress, Sydney
1988 Stockholm (6th ISEOH symposium)
1989 Tokyo (7th ISEOH symposium)
1990 ICOH congress, Montreal
1991 Paris (8th ISEOH symposium)
1992 Cincinnati (9th ISEOH symposium)
1993 ICOH congress Nice
1994 Como/Milan (10th ISEOH symposium)
1995 Noordwijkerhout (11th ISEOH symposium)
1996 ICOH congress, Stockholm
1997 Zimbabwe (12th ISEOH symposium)
1998 Helsinki (13th ISEOH symposium)
1999 Herzlyia (14th EPICOH** conference)
2000 ICOH congress, Singapore
2001 Copenhagen (15th EPICOH conference)
2002 Barcelona (16th EPICOH conference)
2003 ICOH congress, Iguassu Falls
2004 Melbourne (17th EPICOH conference)
2005 Bergen (18th EPICOH conference)
2006 ICOH congress, Milan
2007 Banff, Alberta (19th EPICOH conference)
2008 San José, Costa Rica (20th EPICOH Conference)
2009 ICOH congress, Capetown
2010 Taipei (21st EPICOH Conference)
2011 Oxford (22nd EPICOH Conference)
2012 ICOH congress, Cancun
2013 Utrecht (23rd EPICOH Conference)
2014 Chigago (24th EPICOH Conference)
2015 ICOH congress, Seoul
2016 Barcelona (25th EPICOH Conference)
2017 Edinburgh (26th EPICOH Conference)
2018 ICOH congress, Dublin
2019 Wellington (27th EPICOH Conference)

The acronym ISEOH (International Symposium on Epidemiology in Occupational Health was used until 1998.

** The name EPICOH was proposed by the SC in 1998 with the aim to better characterize the symposium and was first used at the conference in Israel in 1999.